Membrana Filtration


Filtration modules are typically engineered to provide a large membrane separation area in a housing that is well designed to allow uniform flow of the feed liquid on one side of the membrane and the permeate/filtrate on the other side.

Liqui-Flux® Modules are designed with the fluid flowing from the inside of the hollow fiber membrane to the outside of the membrane. 

Liqui-Flux® Filtration Devices are manufactured with ultrafiltration membranes, which are ideal for water treatment applications, and microfiltration membranes, which are suitable for beverage clarification.

Membrana has developed several module types designed to meet the needs of a broad range of water treatment applications, including:
  • Reverse-Osmosis Pretreatment, (up stream of desalination, for example)
  • Waste Water Re-use
  • Drinking Water
  • Swimming Pools 
  • Process Water
Membrana’s product portfolio also includes products designed to meet the needs of many beverage filtration applications, including:
  • Wine clarification
  • Wine filtration
  • Vinegar Filtration
We offer a wide range of membranes for many separation problems and a variety of housing
materials (Polysulfone, FRP, Stainless Steel, PVC) along with different membrane
configurations within the housings.

Our standard modules provide between 4 and 75 m² (3 - 807 ft²) of membrane area. Since we
have vast experience in manufacturing membrane we are able to provide customized module solutions.

Our Liqui-Flux® modules reflect the highest quality standards in terms of durability and
performance. Membrana makes hollow fiber membranes with outstanding performance, quality
manufactured housings, and excellent membrane potting in the module. This ensures that our
modules provide a durable and economic solution to your filtration needs.

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